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Danish Pastries

Our premium Danish Pastries are made with high quality pure butter. This produces a light flaky texture with a sweet buttery taste and an irresistible aroma. We carefully select fruit, chocolate and custard fillings to make truly great Danish Pastries.

Available in Frozen "thaw and serve"; no decorating or finishing necessary, simply defrost for about 1 hour, allowing you to sell fresh pastries throughout the day. We can also supply pastries individually flow-wrapped.

The following varieties are available:
  • Sultana whirl
  • Apple lattice or whirl
  • Raspberry whirl
  • Blackcurrant lattice or whirl
  • Apricot crown
  • Lemon whirl
  • Mince whirl
  • Chocolate double whirl or choc chip whirl
  • Custard and fruit
  • Cinnamon and raisin
  • Pecan Nut and Maple lattice or pecan whirl
  • Pain au raisin
  • Apple crown
Unit Size Units per case Cases per Pallet
130mm diam 36 48
100mm diam 36 84
90mm diam (square lattice) 36 120
75mm diam 36 120

Danish Pastries

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Pecan Danish
Twirls of light moist buttery danish pastry layered with a maple filling, finished with pecan nuts and soft fondant icing.

Apple Danish Bar
A delicious apple filling with a hint of cinnamon and butter rich pastry.


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